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–Frequently asked questions–

What services do you provide?2020-02-08T06:18:49+00:00

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We provide both routine and urgent primary care medical visits for our enrolled patients. We specialize in house calls and do not have an office-based practice. We are a team made up of one physician, nurse practitioners (NPs), and a secretary and work closely together to serve your needs.

Services we perform regularly include:

  • patient care – including pain management, wound care, immunizations
  • family meetings – discuss goals of care, advance care planning
  • home-based testing
    • blood, urine, stool tests
    • Xrays
    • Ultrasounds, including venous doppler
    • EKGs, echocardiograms
  • referrals to home based care
    • home health care agencies – skilled nursing, PT, OT, speech therapy
    • home hospice
    • podiatry
    • orthopedics
  • orders for medical equipment and supplies, such as
    • hospital bed, wheelchair, hoyer lift, walker
    • bath seat, transfer bench, commode
    • nutritional supplements (ex: Ensure, Glucerna)
What happens during a home visit?2017-01-25T18:29:05+00:00

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A visit from our provider is just like a visit to the doctor’s office but it occurs in the comfort of your home. The first visit, which takes between 1 to 2 hours, involves a complete history and physical and a home safety assessment. Follow up visits focus on addressing your concerns that have been raised since the last visit and treating symptoms to improve your quality of life. If you need to go to the hospital or if you have just returned from the hospital, we do our best to make the transition a smooth one.

How often will I be seen?2017-01-25T18:29:42+00:00

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On average, you will receive a routine visit every 2-4 months. The frequency of our visits depends on your needs.

You will receive a call 1-2 business days before the visit to let you know about the upcoming appointment. While we can provide you a time range in which to expect the clinician, we are not able to give exact appointment times because of the variable duration of the home visits prior to your own, travel time, and emergencies.

What if I have a non-urgent problem?2017-06-23T03:27:15+00:00

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You can reach us in several ways: via phone, via our patient portal PatientFusion, or via HIPAA-secure messaging on your smartphone.


Call our office phone number 718-865-9333. From Monday through Friday, between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM, the secretary is available to listen to your concerns. When necessary, she will relay your concerns to your provider who will then return your call at a convenient time.

When the office is closed (weeknights and weekends, holidays), you can call and leave a message. If your concern is not urgent (example: you need a form filled out, or you need a letter written) then call during office hours. If you want to leave a non-urgent message, then select Option 3 to leave a message. Your call will be addressed within the next 2 business days.


For non-urgent issues, you are welcome to send us a message via our patient portal, PatientFusion. For access to the patient portal, call the office. A link and temporary pin will be emailed to you.

Sign in to our Patient Portal


If you have an iPhone or Android smart phone you are welcome to message us using Klara, our HIPAA-compliant messaging system. You will need to verify your cell phone number first, and you can do that by clicking on the blue “Message us” button on the lower right corner of this screen.

What if I have an urgent problem?2017-01-25T18:56:45+00:00

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If your situation is time-sensitive, it is best to call. If the office is closed, then call and select Option 1 to leave a message. Dr. Lee will return your call on the same day. Be sure to leave your name, the patient’s name and date of birth, and your call-back number.

What if there is an emergency?2017-01-25T19:21:14+00:00

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In an emergency, you are urged to call 911. We recommend leaving a message with the office to let the staff know which hospital you are in. We are available to provide the hospital staff with important information such as your medical condition and your medication list.

What hospital are you affiliated with?2017-01-25T19:21:53+00:00

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We will collaborate with the staff at any hospital you choose. We believe that communication with the hospital is essential to reducing re-admissions and improving your quality of life. Several hospitals in both lower Manhattan and Brooklyn have Asian Services with bilingual staff and volunteers that are here to help you. We are available to work with these teams to help you overcome language and cultural barriers. Ultimately, better communication will lead to better medical care. Speak to Dr. Lee to find out more about resources available to you.

Dr. Lee is affiliated with Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn. If you prefer to be hospitalized at Maimonides, please call the office.

What if I need medication or supply refills? Why is there a delay?2017-01-25T19:00:58+00:00

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Call our office phone number 718-865-9333. If it is after office hours, you may leave a message after selecting Option 2. State your name, the patient’s name and date of birth, and the medications that need to be refilled.

If it is easier for you, you can ask the pharmacist to make your refill request.

We follow a FIVE DAY RULE. Make your request at least 5 days before running out. Urgent medical care issues take priority and therefore we cannot guarantee that refills will be sent on the same day.

Please know that you will not receive a call back unless there is a question about the refill. However, you may call the pharmacy to check the status of your refill request.

What if I need a letter written or a form completed?2023-10-08T16:30:47+00:00

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Call the office to let us know what you need. You may send your form via one of these 3 options, listed in order of preference.

  1. FAX 888-972-7923
  2. MAIL 7105 3rd Avenue, #523, Brooklyn, NY 11209
    Please be advised that the address is our mailing address and that mail is picked up twice a week. This is not an office-based practice.
  3. CALL 718-865-9333 for more information
How much does a house call cost? Will I get a bill?2023-10-08T16:35:54+00:00

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We are a Participating Provider in the Medicare Program (Part B). After the annual $223 (2023) deductible is met, Medicare pays for 80% of each visit. The remaining 20% will be submitted to your secondary insurer (including Medicaid), which usually covers the remainder of the bill. If you have no supplemental insurance, then you may be billed for 20% of our charge. Typical co-pays are between $25-55 per visit based upon complexity of condition and medical necessity.

If you have no insurance or are out-of-network, the cost of the initial visit and routine visit is $375 and $275, respectively.

Which Medicaid managed care plans do you accept?2017-01-25T19:14:50+00:00
Which Medicare Advantage insurance plans do you accept?2017-01-25T19:14:19+00:00

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  • Agewell
  • Alphacare
  • Empire BCBS HealthPlus
  • Elderplan
  • EmblemHealth/HIP
  • Fidelis Care
  • Humana
  • MetroPlus
  • Senior Whole Health
  • VillageCare Max
  • VNSNY Choice
Are there other fees?2023-10-08T16:40:08+00:00

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Yes. We also bill your insurance (Medicare or Medicare Advantage plan) for the work of coordinating your care between visits. “Chronic care management” includes time spent in discussions between you, your pharmacist, your visiting nurse, hospitalists, and your specialists. If you have questions or concerns about this, please call us.

Alas, Medicare does not pay for everything, even for care that you or your family feel that you need to keep you healthy. Services that Medicare does not pay for include the time, effort and cost to reach your home. Some patients and family members have already been giving voluntarily and we thank you for that!

Can I continue to see my other doctors?2017-01-25T19:13:06+00:00

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We encourage you to continue to see any specialists that you need to see.

If you are permanently homebound, you are recommended to transfer primary care to us. If you are in temporary need of a house call doctor (for example, you had a leg fracture), we can be your temporary primary care provider until you are able to return to your regular doctor.

Contact us

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